Marketed under the generic name of Sildenafil, Lovegra is particularly formulated to provide strong sexual satisfaction for women looking for ultimate pleasure. This prescription medicine is available in different strengths in order to meet the sexual requirements of men. It enhances genital blood circulation and vaginal compliance this heightens pleasure during sexual activity. Apart from this, the generic lovegra tablets drop shipped by us are widely preferred in the market for their safe consumption and effective results.

How Consumed?

Consume Lovegra when it is required however not more than one time a day. The tablet works in approximately 1 hour after consuming it and the effect ends up for 4€“6 hours. The average dosage is 100mg consumed with a glass of water 45€“60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Lovegra may be minimized by your medical practitioner up to 25mg.

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Premarin (Conjugated Estrogens)

Premarin (Conjugated Estrogens) tablets are highly effective to deal with indications of menopause and also for transgender hormone therapy. Formulated with the use of most active pharmaceutical ingredient conjugated oestrogens, Premarin is prescribed to treat hot flashes, vaginal dryness, skin sensation, burning, or irritation. This prescription tablet is also used to assist avoid postmenopausal bone loss (osteoporosis) and minimize chance of fracture. Premarin can be drop shipped by us in tablet as well as in vaginal cream forms.

Possible Side Effects

Similar to any other medication, Premarin can lead to severe unfavorable effects. If they do happen, the unfavorable effects of Premarin are most probable to be small and temporary. But, several may be severe and may need the patient to inform the medical practitioner or see the nearest health care facility instantly.

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Plan B medicines involve the active pharmaceutical ingredient levonorgestrel, a female hormone that avoids ovulation. This medicine tablet also leads to variations in your jugular mucus and uterine lining, making it difficult for sperm to achieve the uterus and difficult for a fertilized egg to connect to the uterus. Plan B is widely prescribed by gynecologists to avoid pregnancy after unsafe sex or failure of other kinds of birth control (like condom breakage, or skipping 2 or more birth control tablets). We can drop ship this generic Plan B medicine for our esteemed clients at a pocket friendly price.

Administration and Usage for Plan B

Plan B is an emergency drug serving to prevent pregnancy following unsafe intercourse or a known or doubtful preventive failure. To achieve better efficacy, the medicine should be consumed as early as feasible within 72 hours of intercourse.

This medicine is available only by instruction for women who are below the age of 18 years, and available nonprescription for women 17 years and older.

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