Flagyl (Metronidazole)

Flagyl capsule includes the active constituent metronidazole, which is a kind of drug called an antibiotic. This medicine is readily available in the market under the generic name of Metronidazole. It is widely preferred to handle infections occurred by bacteria and other micro-organisms named as protozoa. Moreover, the medicine is also prescribed to deal with infections with protozoa. We can drop ship flagyl for you keeping in mind your business requirements & needs.

Flagyl is prescribed for

  • • Avoiding and dealing with infections with anaerobic bacteria ensuing treatment, specially medical attention on the gut or gynaecological treatment.
  • • Treating bacterial infection of the blood
  • • Treating bacterial health problem of the blood following childbirth
  • • A severe kind of respiratory disorder (necrotising pneumonia).
  • • Bacterial problems of bone (osteomyelitis).

Drop Ship Flagyl

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