About Shipping information

We offer very systematic and error free Drop Shipping service to our client.

  1. All orders should be less than 250 pills. Any orders with more than 250 Pills will be put into another order and will be charged separate shipping charges. All parcels can be ship either by EMS or Regular Air Mail.
  2. Our Drop Shipping price are not retail price but are Wholesale price. You just have to pay Wholesale Price for the medicine you purchase so the Price difference between Your Pharmacy price and Our Wholesale prices is your Net Profit.
  3. We don€™t charge for Custom Clarence in India and packaging done by us. We will just charge you for medicine and shipping. NO HIDDEN CHARGES
  4. We do not offer Credit to any of our client. 100% upfront amount required at the time of order confirmation.
  5. All orders are shipped within 48Hrs after order confirmation and receipt of payment made in our bank account.
  6. All orders will be provided with tracking number along with link to track your order and get regular updates on orders. Please note for Regular Air Mail, tracking will show only after Products is delivered to customer.
  7. Re-Delivery will be provided if product is not delivered to Destination within 21 days.