Marketed under the generic name of tramadol, Ultram belongs to a class of drugs called narcotic-like pain reliever. This medication is highly effective to deal with mild to serious pain. Ultram prolonged-release is prescribed by several doctors to manage mild to severe chronic pain when medical care is required around the clock. Tramadol may also be prescribed for other reasons not stated in this drug guide. Generic ultram tablets are drop shipped by us in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Prior to consuming Ultram

A patient should not consume Ultram if he or she has a hypersensitivity reaction to tramadol, if he or she has ever been addicted to medications or alcohol, or if you have ever experienced depression.

Avoid using this medication while you are intoxicated (drunk) or consuming any of the following:

  • alcohol or street medications;
  • narcotic pain drug;
  • depressants or tranquilizers (like Diazepam);
  • drug for psychological state or anxiety; or
  • drug for mental disorder (like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia).

Drop Ship Ultram

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