Minipress (Prazosin)

Minipress is in a group of medication known as alpha-adrenergic blockers. This anti-hypertensive medication is prescribed by doctors to deal with high blood pressure (hypertension). Prazosin works by relaxing your veins and blood vessels so that blood can more easily go through them. The medication is widely preferred to deal with hypertension (high blood pressure). Minipress may also be prescribed for other reasons not mentioned in this drug guide.

What should I prevent while consuming Minipress (prazosin)?

  • The drug may weaken your thinking or responses. Make sure if you drive or do anything that needs you to be watchful.
  • To avoid a reeling sensation, prevent standing for long periods of time or being overheated during workout and in warm weather.
  • Prevent arising too quickly from a seated or lying place, or you may experience giddy. Stand up slowly and firmly yourself to avoid a fall.
  • Consuming alcohol can enhance several consequences of prazosin.

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